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Referral from a GP or Psychiatrist

The treatment can be prescribed by any medical practitioners familiar with TMS techniques and its clinical indications. When the team of TMS specialists at Modalis/TMS West receives the referral, its further progress of this referral will be decided based on the patient’s specific requirements and clinical presentation.


Information and Consent

Before any medical procedures, every patient is comprehensively informed about the treatment and has the opportunity to ask any questions about the process: indications, course and potential benefits as well as its side effects. Modalis/TMS West strictly follows all the relevant clinical, ethical and medico-legal guidelines relating to such consent processes.

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Costs and Rebates

Australian Government Department of Health

rTMS as an outpatient is not currently funded by Medicare or any of the private health funds. There is the possibility that if you are a DVA patient or covered by a third-party insurance claim, that the treatment will be covered. If you are responsible for the treatment, then you can expect to pay $220 for the initial session and $180 for each subsequent treatment. Please note: We are pleased to inform you that the Commonwealth Government has approved ongoing Medicare funding for TMS (for treatment-resistant depression). It is a much needed and welcomed decision, which will substantially enhance the range of clinical options for many of our patients who have been dealing with their chronic, treatment-resistant condition. This decision will be implemented by the relevant Government Departments in the next few months. Most likely, medical rebates will be available after 1 November 2021.

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